Wednesday, January 20, 2016

UFO - 'Love To Love' from Lights Out (1977)

'Love To Love' by UFO is one of the truly monster songs of the 1970's. From the very opening, with Michael Schenker's guitar tracings and the gong reverberation to the mighty chords leading up to THAT RIFF with the keyboards somehow far away above, and the clean riff atop the Mega-Riff and the bassline and then the orchestration, all before the plaintive lyrics of exhaustion of life on the road and missing the love out of reach, this song has everything needed for Ascendance Rock and turning up again, again, again in the vehicle, stationary or in motion. Bonus Michael Schenker Content: UFO - 'Rock Bottom' from Strangers In The Night (1979) The care and felicity and compositional wherewithal which goes into Schenker's riff/solo construction and juxtaposition is really quite breathtaking, and here he gets to fully go for it. This would be Michael Schenker's last stand with UFO, and it was made to count. Also, Lucifer. Also, cowbell hits and thoughtful/heavy organ-stylings. Because I now cannot stop listening to live Schenker-era UFO, here is an earlier performance of 'Rock Bottom', but with added guitar-god awesomeness-visuals-and-audials!

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