Sunday, January 24, 2016

Steina Vasulka - 'Selected Treecuts' (1980)

I haven't seen any of the Vasulka's videos prior to this, but I really dig psychedelic tree movies with/without electronic/noise/ambient aural activity. This is no exception. There are two basic movements. The first, or intro, is like what happens in your backyard or out your window when you are losing consciousness under the influence of heavy sedatives or anesthetics and the visual field starts spinning and rotating on various axes, some of whom you may have never experienced before. The second, longer, movement, is what it is like when you are looking out your window at trees or sitting in your backyard looking at trees and the acid starts kicking in and/or you lose optical focus over and over again unpredictably. The pixelization of the video field is structured according to a developing inconsistent drone tempo and ends up being kind of like the vascular, living pulse and throb of the tree life and movement itself. Bonus Vasulka Action: 'Noisefields' (1974) The video equivalent of harsh psychedelic noise/power electronics. Unbelievable. Will fix what ails you and/or ail what fixes you. To me it feels gentle and healing and cosmickally energizing. Unless you use this sort of thing to alleviate migraine (which I do), don't watch it if you have epilepsy or a migraine! This one will bore into relevant chakras for real!

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