Friday, January 8, 2016

Dio - 'Lock Up The Wolves' from Lock Up The Wolves (1990)

I for one really dig Dio's 1990's of getting doomed, getting heavy, getting ponderous and weird, reuniting with Black Sabbath for one of their best albums together. I like Classical 80's Dio too, but 90's Epically Downer Dio stuff is satisfying to me in a way none of his other solo work ever has been. Maybe he heard that first Danzig record? This is brooding, churning music, music which might even prefigure the flowering of NOLA sludge into Classic 90's Rock (this album isn't a billion miles away from say, Down). The title track to 'Lock Up The Wolves' is a great introduction to this era of Dio's work. The eerie keyboards, the pinch harmonics, Simon Wright's deliberate rocking plod. This song has black cats screaming when it is not even midnight. Why? Because the Wolves are NOT LOCKED UP! Of course neighborhood cats would be freaked out! Why have all these wolves to begin with? For a mighty wolf-sled, duh! Here is some pretty dope footage of Dio recording his vocals for 'Hey Angel' from Lock Up The Wolves, maybe originally sourced from Hard N Heavy? Let it be known that then-18-year-old Rowan Robertson can seriously shred. That solo!!!:

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