Monday, January 18, 2016

Circle Of Salt - Suffer The Cold (2015)

It is really cold today. I moved to PA from MN and it is still really cold by whatever standards are being used. Not as cold as MN, for sure, but any day you are awake and at dawn the temperature drops from 16 to 15 and the 'feels like' temperature is -8 or -9, it is cold, especially when your warm pants are too dirty to wear, which is pretty dirty. So a good way to feel warmer is to listen to Canadian Black Metal, and especially Circle Of Salt's Suffer The Cold because that way, you won't. A circle of salt is protective against harmful outside forces, and salt is also an ice-melt. Suffer The Cold consists of two long tracks, 'Suffer The Cold' and 'Beneath The Frozen Moon Of Imbolc'. This latter song is also important to feeling warmer because Imbolc is, on the Wheel Of The Year, the holiday of pregnant fertility, of lactating ewes, of groundhog weather-awareness, of the increase of light and warmth, of the return of the maiden. It is between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox, and is a period of holding on, of waiting out, until the full arrival of Spring. In a sense, Imbolc is like the Spring within Winter. Don't you feel warmer already? I do! Layers of guitars, like layers of clothes, also help us keep warm!

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