Monday, January 11, 2016

Earl Sweatshirt - 'Grief' from I Don't LIke Shit I Don't Go Outside (2015)

I can really relate on a personal level to Earl Sweatshirt's weed-stoked/treated, panic-attack-beset, paranoid-agoraphobic inertial isolate like nobody's business. That deal has been my jam for decades. I Don't Like Shit I Don't Go Outside is even more that way than his previous work. In 'Grief' there are places where even been in the song doesn't seem OK, like Earl is going to drop out or stop or burrow even further inside the track. The non-time, the perpetual twilit endlessly drawn-out afternoon that is inside with all the outside shut out, that is what this sounds like to me. When your circadian rhythms and what time things happen as they do get totally uncoupled or synchronize by accident. I can't speak for what is up with him, but this is what it reminds me of in my own trips, when I was younger and later than. And you know, when what outside is the omnipresent spectre of a militarized police state which exists to perpetuate multiple genocides, that makes not going outside a hell of a lot easier, but inside isn't safe either.

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