Saturday, January 30, 2016

Napalm Death - 'The Wolf I Feed' from Utilitarian (2012)

One of the things I dig the most about recent Napalm Death albums is their not-so-stealth reintegration of their mid-90's prog-jazz-industrial facets. I love those albums. I can't say they are my favorite Napalm Death of all because all of Napalm Death is my favorite of all Napalm Death. 'The Wolf I Feed', though, sounds a durn lot like Fear Factory in places, and so makes me imagine a world in which Fear Factory and Napalm Death pioneered a kind of psych-cybergrind together. Wait! That world DID exist! It was the mid-1990's! My brain damage is worse than ever! Also there are locusts wearing hats in the video, which is rad. Apparently, the wolves fed by Napalm Death are not wolves at all but are locusts wearing little outfits that maybe Napalm Death sewed for them during a thoughtfully provided John Carpenter film festival? Here is a bonus Napalm Death video-single from Utilitarian, 'Analysis Paralysis' which does not feature Voivod vokills nor locusts wearing outfits, but is still rad and grinds madly. The clean guitar breaks fill me with delight. My favorite song of all from Utilitarian is 'Circumspect/Everyday Pox' which has some mighty John Zorn sax eruption on it! Here is an official track from Utilitarian, 'Leper Colony' which also has some awesomely weird vokills. Weird clean vokills and guitar tracks and synth noise and saxophones and percussion are what I live for 30! years on in recorded Napalm Death glory.

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