Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Scorn - 'Silver Rain Fell' from Evanescence (1994)

Historically my most-listened-to Scorn album. Today and yesterday was freezing rain advisory post-blizzard so as to make everything ultra-safe for travel, not. Staying inside and listening to Mick Harris/Nick Bullen coming at you whilst having a nice cup of warm or warming beverage and medicinal vapors wrapped in warm blankets/afghans and watching the silver rain fall is a far-preferable plan of action if travel is to be avoidable. Bonus if in a cushy chair/sofa with ornamental antimacassar. I just wanted to write 'antimacassar' which I always think is actually spelled 'antimassacar' and am sad when it never turns out to be. And watch for black ice. That stuff is hella dangerous.

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