Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Divine Styler - 'Architectonic' from Def Mask (2014)

In 1992, buying a copy of Divine Styler's Spiral Walls Containing Autumns Of Light from the Camelot or wherever in the mall like really altered my sense of reality and how musick was 'supposed' to work and what genre was and what could be done with the Concept Album to de/re/disprogram human consciousness. It is an album so powerful that I was a little afraid of it, and did not approach it lightly. This has happened to me once or twice over the years. I remember that Neurosis' Times Of Grace had a similar effect and that I didn't listen to it for a while after the first time, but then really liked it. But I listened to Spiral Walls ALL THE TIME because I was trying to adapt myself to it, to let it do its thing on all the mental junk and barriers and plug/play malware in my mind. Since that day, I have been a fan of Divine Styler: earlier stuff, later stuff, more out, less out, even though all of it is both in and out all the time. So I am totally sad that I missed his new album in 2014. Like maybe I heard something about it, but when I am not in, I am way out. So today I watched the first video from Def Mask, 'Architectonic', and it is sort of in keeping with the last Divine Style Album from the XXth Century Word Power 2, but more rugged, dystopian, built for both speed and endurance. Def Mask is an album about Universal Mind Control and Reality Manipulation. It is neither Old School nor New School, it just does what it is. Here, check out 'Architectonic' if you haven't already (like me! until today!) Here is, just for bonus kicks, more 'recent' Divine Styler stuff, here with DJ Shadow on a 2004 track: And just because it is awesome and because things are the same even as when they are not and to bookend retrospective action: Divine Styler has always been concerned with the transmission and occlusion of gnosis, of systemic disinformation and spiritual awakening.

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