Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mount Eerie - Wind's Poem (2009)

Once of the heaviest thunder/lightning/rain sets in recent memory moved through Central Pennsylvania last night and today left even more heavy duty wind in its wake. There was some rain too, but mostly wind gusts up to 40 mph. I didn't sleep last night and only went to bed today around 11am - 5pm. Having days/nights ellipse into each other is not a good way of living for me, at least not under current situation. I wanted to listen to music which could represent that sound of a far-too-warm wind howling outside in the remnants of the storm and many fine things presented themselves but none were right. That is because what I needed to hear was Wind's Poem from Mount Eerie. Wind's Poem represents the initial serious impact of Black Metal upon the Mount Eerie operations, which in a sense can be considered a metal-laced singer/songwriter/folk project to begin with, wherein Black Metal has always had significant impact on the operations/aesthetic/modality of Mount Eerie - downcast, lo-fidelity, isolation-oriented, hymns to the vastness of nature, etc. Wind's Poem, though, begins to adapt Black Metal guitar stylings/crescendos/drones to Mount Eerie, and where they seemed mostly in the past driven by interest in 2nd Generation Scandinavian Black Metal, this album seems to offer an overlapping geography with Cascadian Black Metal from the Pacific Northwest like Wolves In The Throne Room and Ash Borer. This album is full of extended, minimal, shimmering drones, as well as being a literal concept album about the wind upon the mountain and being with/among/alongside/under/within. This by no means is a 'Black Metal Album', but does represent the deep and subtle influences which can be derived from immersive listening and orientation. I can tell you that it harmonizes so well with this windy evening. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank You! PS - 'Between Two Mysteries' specifically is a tribute to Twin Peaks and is awesome as all get out. There is significant Twin Peaks/David Lynch vibe to parts of Wind's Poem for sure, being the other major vibe-carrier along with Wind itself and Black Metal. But this is more music for holing up in your mountain lair many elevations above town, in your bed listening to the wind move over and around and singing as it does.

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