Friday, January 22, 2016

Arch Enemy - 'Idolatress' from Black Earth (1996)

'Idolatress' is the song from Black Earth which gets stuck in my head the most often. It is a little repetitive, but the Liiva just crushes this one. sWhy was there not a video for this song on Headbanger's Ball? I dig the shaky, stuttering riffs which go into solos which go into wavery neo-classical jamz and then the overall 'thrash-out' aspects. This song rules. Hey! Here is the song that did get a video! This song also rules. Also, this band is getting back together too apparently but they will be called 'Black Earth' in order to play early Arch Enemy songs together I guess? Right on. So many 90's bands had to contend with swinging chains in their practice spaces! Such dangerous conditions in the olden days!

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