Friday, January 22, 2016

Ulver - Shadows Of The Sun (2007)

This is a vibe album, and that vibe is sunset in the dark half of the year, rising or falling. Like if Tiamat in their late-nineties High-Floydian phase were more influenced by Sketches In Spain - era Miles and 19th Century Romantic Classical Piano but turned that into the Heavy Doom without the Heavy but just as dreamlike and hushed and suspended. Ulver in the second half of the 00's is stretching their orchestral psych wings for flight, even if that flight is as a burnt cinder upon a wind choked with what is left of human civilization. I have heard Shadows Of The Sun described as 'ambient' but it really isn't. It is Dark New Age / Soft Rock. Like what would have been playing on stations that used to play Air Supply if those stations were nuked in 1983, turning all Air Supply vinyl into melted obsidian waste. For extra dopeness, Fennesz shows up all over to provide 'white noise', in an album which is composed from Venusian-level atmospheric densities that you cannot hear but only perceive as bodily or aura-pressure. Ulver is for everyone.

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