Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Black Sabbath - 'Zero The Hero' from Born Again (1983)

I don't know if it is being stuck in 1983 today? I CANNOT get this riff out of my head, and so I HAD to listen to it. This is the 'Official Video' to 'Zero The Hero' and is a 'single edit', not as long as the album version. Nonetheless, it is caving my skull in even as I type this. Hooray For Sabbath! Hooray For Metal! Also, this video is pretty rad! Like the dodgiest New Wave revisioning of budget-Hammer with lots of Saran-Wrap and weird/dumb gross-out tactics. Bonus Born Again video 'Trashed'! Note! Drinking tequila and driving expensive cars at over 100 mph until they are wrecked a la Mr. Toad's Wild Ride WILL NOT get you hot zombie girlfriends, at least most likely not.

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