Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dodheimsgard - 'Shiva Interfere' from 666 International (1999)

"I remember I ate of the tree And hence of the wisdom of which we may speak of The tedious ones are those who attends the mask of Which they seek" It is true that I wasn't there at the beginning, that I was listening to noise and jazz and thrash and Earache and stuff. I was late to Florida Death Metal, right on time with say, Sepultura and Pantera, etc, but by 1998 I was getting pretty interested in Black Metal, into Arcturus and Ulver and by 1999 I was totally absorbed. I started with Emperor, Burzum, Darkthrone, remembered I had a Vond cd in 1997 and so became obsessed with Mortiis. In 2000 or so my favorite Black Metal album was Dodheimsgard's 666 International. It was as influenced by New Romantic synth-pop and Skinny Puppy-era Industrial as it was any kind of immediate Black Metal. They were not alone. Mayhem also released A Grand Declaration Of War with heavy Industrial influences. Black Metal has never been True. The people who founded it made ambient music, industrial music, punk music, folk music. So, my epigraph to 'On Falsity In Metal' is the above quote from Dodheimsgard. Once you have eaten of the tree, and gained the gnosis, the tedious ones are the ones who insist upon the outward signs, the mask of compliance. There is NO LAW. There is no letter of the law. There is no law that cannot be said no to. False Metal Forever.

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