Friday, January 8, 2016

Overkill - 'Gasoline Dream' from W.F.O. (1994)

"Burn... Burn... Burn in a gasoline dream, burn away my love. Burn away the conscience, burn away, my love." In honor of 2015 being the year it came to pass that the world learned that Exxon Mobil and pretty much every other petroleum/fossil-fuel company has known since at least the late 1970's that extraction, combustion and release of fossil fuels and the continued operation of a civilization based upon these practices would bring about drastic climate change and decided, rather than continue its research into alternative fuels and damage mitigation, to put its energies into a prolonged disinformation propaganda campaign and influence over governments to ensure business-as-usual could be carried on as the Earth died due to its corporate profit-seeking. This is pretty much the most horrible thing I learned in 2015, a year of learning horrible things. Here is the very in-depth extended-form reporting on the subject by InsideClimateNews and is well worth your readership: Overkill's 'Gasoline Dream' is maybe not about Exxon Mobil, but feels enriched via petroleum doom and the destruction of all life and that which is worth preserving and maintaining. W.F.O. is a weird album for Overkill, retreating from the heavy groove of 1993's I Hear Black, W.F.O. represents a (slight) return to a modernized thrash sound, gruffer and with more abstract-noisy 90's guitar work and what is effectively lead bass throughout. I like this album a lot, but it is something of an odd duck sonically and within Overkill's pantheon position-wise. Here is the video for 'Fast Junkie', another stellar song off of W.F.O.: This song also seems to be about motor vehicles fueled by gasoline, and is the 90's thrash version of a mid-80's Judas Priest video, all of which seemed to involve motorcycle riding? The solo work on this song is whammy-riffic, ably evoking the instability of driving fast on motorcycles.

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