Thursday, January 7, 2016

Armored Saint - 'Aftermath' from Delirious Nomad (1985)

My favorite Armored Saint song for sure is 'Aftermath' from Delirious Nomad (1985). On this song, they had guitars from both Phil Sandoval and Dave Pritchard. They had that epic intro with backwards cymbals and whatnot. They had that central, hypnotic riff, the acoustic neo-classical segments, the brooding, the harmonics, John Bush howling into the void, that beautiful and scorching solo, 'Aftermath' has everything! Sadly, Phil Sandoval would leave the band and Dave Pritchard would die from leukemia in 1990, making the conditions of Delirious Nomad unrepeatable, but Armored Saint would soldier on with Phil Sandoval returning after Pritchard's death and adding Odin guitarist John Duncan to restore a two-guitar sound, and reach new heights with 1991's Symbol Of Salvation. That album, 1987's Raising Fear and 1984's March Of The Saint are all really good, but Delirious Nomad is the one I like the best. Armored Saint's awesome bassist, Joey Vera, left for Fates Warning, and John Bush left for Anthrax after Symbol Of Salvation, so Armored Saint went dormant, but as of late have been making new albums again with Bush once again. Here is their bandcamp page: There, a nicely remastered and expanded special edition of Symbol Of Salvation can be listened to and purchased. Speaking of Symbol Of Salvation (which is my second favorite Armored Saint album), here is the video for 'Reign Of Fire' from that album! John Bush's raspy screams on this song just kill me. He is really one of my favorite metal vokillists of all! And the thrash/death influenced double bass drumming is completely awesome.

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