Saturday, January 16, 2016

Black Sabbath ft. Ice-T - 'The Illusion Of Power' from Forbidden (1995)

I may be the only person who really likes Forbidden. I even like Ernie C.'s production. Body Count is totally awesome. Ice & Ernie are as devoted students of Black Sabbath as have ever existed. Black Sabbath's self-titled is Ice-T's favorite metal album pretty much ever. I am way into his verse on 'The Illusion Of Power' and feel it harmonizes well with Tony Martin's more traditional power-doom vox. Bonus: Ice-T's 'Midnight' from O.G. (Original Gangster) Who would have the guts to finally lay Iommi over Bonham for real? One of the best rap songs ever. O.G. Original Gangster is unmessable-with, as all 80's/early 90's Ice-T is and shall always be.

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