Monday, January 18, 2016

Tropical Trash - UFO ROT (2015)

Louisville, KY hxcx that is like if you went to Bud's or Popeye's or Church's or whichever ones also have seafood and you ordered blackened dolphin and it ended up being bottlenose and you ate it anyway and went back through the drive-thru again to ask for seconds and also get an additional order of hushpuppies and then all that grease kicks in and the leaden, nauseous, time-slowing waves kick in and kick in and kick in so you decide to have a drum circle to appease the restless cetacean ghost in your digestive system but it doesn't work and you decide to see if just getting up and dancing will help your IBS but it really doesn't and you just have to wait it out but what if you can't

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