Saturday, January 23, 2016

DUST - Agony Planet (2016)

I have been waiting for a DUST longplayer for what seems like forever. I have been a fan of the works of Greem Jellyfish for a long time, and DUST is for my money the most compelling of the bands GJ is involved in. NYC is real good at making dancefloor stuff with spacy freakout vox on top and has been since disco and before disco. What DUST reminds me of though, is if early Warp and early Earache joined forces to make a Nocturnus tribute band out of the hardcore techno materials laying around. It doesn't so much SOUND like Nocturnus as much as it FEELS like Nocturnus, although some of the queasy synth and blocky sequencer action attest otherwise. This is music for exploring derelict spaceships in slow-motion using totally unnecessary kick-boxing moves in full vinyl or like if you were to open an Event Horizon-themed discotheque. Come to think of it, why ISN'T there an Event Horizon-themed discotheque? I guess there probably is, but I haven't heard about it because I never go outside or am hip to goings-on. Hey! Are you an alien cop/bountyhunter who is pursuing an even more alien serial killer who has come to this planet because yeah? Then you should listen to Agony Planet because then you will look way cooler crouching in the shadows with your rad alien pistol with laser sighting and digital display gripped tightly in your hands pointed outward while wearing dark glasses even though you are in the shadows because Gaian light levels are too extreme for your alien cop/bountyhunter visual organs. DUST is good. DUST will help. Hey, invoking the mighty Nocturnus, here is 'Lake Of Fire' from The Key (1990). Seriously, I love Nocturnus so very much. Florida Death forever.

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