Thursday, January 21, 2016

Insect Warfare - Noise Grind Power Death (2009)

So I read that Insect Warfare are re-forming to play some shows (and hopefully record some stuff) and this is way rad. 00's TX-grindcore at its very best when the world really needed Texas to throw up some grindcore in the face of Bush II, Insect Warfare more than delivered. Savagely misanthropic. Hates the internet. Hates the government. Hates losers who steal their weed. Noise Grind Power Death is my favorite Insect Warfare album because it is one side of a record, not even 9 minutes, has no guitars, just drums, electronic noise and vokills. Bring the noisecore sickness, yes please. This was their last release, but hopefully not now. Here is a full set of Insect Warfare at the height of their powers in March 2007 at 924 Gilman Street with guitars! as always, praises be to those who recorded and uploaded! Right on!

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