Monday, January 25, 2016

nxwwwwxn Functionality Update 25 January 2016

A) This 'Super HD' Psychedelic Wolf Puzzle, whose pieces may be EZ to pick up and hold, but is vibrationally hardcore and all-over in affect, making ease of solution visibility very slow-moving and complex. B) Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts being repurposed for Citizenfour by Laura Poitras. It is super-awesome that not only does Citizenfour play out like a 21st Century real-life update of the 1970's Paranoid Cinematics, but how well Ghosts fits as a jittery post-ambient soundtrack. Speaking of that, Is it weird that I now like to watch Citizenfour as ambient TV, just having it on for some reason makes me feel better. I am in a nonfictional visual space right now I guess. Lots of Weather Channel, Card Sharks, Citizenfour. C) What is nonfunctional is that Blizzard Jonas actually got inside our house by breaking the roof. That isn't cool. I hope everything does not flood further once the snowpack melts tomorrow!!! It also destroyed our deck awning, but that is not the same as a roof. Here is Jonas from space in sequence! : D) This cover of Mayhem's 'Freezing Moon' by Wyrd Visions in honor of the very large, very cold moon I saw hanging in the sky over the Western Hill. The whole of Wyrd Visions' album Half-Eaten Guitar is definitely worth listening to, but I dig this haunted-folk-blues rendition of such a classick.


  1. I forget, are you a fan of Adam Curtis? He always makes great use of NIN in his films and TV shows. All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace has some incredible needle-drops from Ghosts and With Teeth. (Graham from Letterboxd!)

    1. Hi Graham! I Love With Teeth! It is good NIN for sure. I always imagine Trent Reznor doing power aerobics to that music. I like the Adam Curtis that I have seen but that might be limited to Century Of The Self. I have had Bitter Lake in my queue to watch for a pretty long while. Maybe now I will get to it! I am most interested in that one and The Power Of Nightmares.