Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mantar - Death By Burning (2014)

Despite the fact that it came out like two years ago, I cannot stop listening to Mantar's Death By Burning compulsively and I listened to it when it came out and have been listening to it ever since. This is some kind of Classick Rock in the modality of Tad or Unsane, with a blackened crust encasing a seething, molten core. Guitar/Drums/Vokills. Drums include Cowbell, right from the gate. Mantar is like a car on fire driving down the freeway as fast as possible never braking with its factory-issue stereo turned up all the way even after the speakers fail. Total Commitment To Rock. Here is their video for 'White Nights' which is a little more stark/epic than normal yet still totally heavy. I don't think this band can do anything not heavy, like it would still be heavy. Some dude in the woods with no shirt on and occasional dog in the snow. And here is a live-in-studio session which just destroys. Destroys. Hail To Thee! Psychedelic Warriors Of The North!!!!

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