Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie & Pat Metheny - 'This Is Not America' (1985)

A fabulously moody mid-80's smooth-jazz-fusion/synthpop collaboration between Bowie and Metheny which was made for the espionage Cold War flick 'The Falcon And The Snowman' which starred Timothy Hutton (who was all over the mid-80's) and Sean Penn (who also was!), who sold U.S. secrets to the Soviets and was apparently based on real life events. The song actually concerns the plot of the film, unlike many songs which grace film soundtracks. 'This Is Not America' has a gauzy, icy tropical ambiance with Lyle Mays' long-held keyboard tones intermixed with short runs, intricate percussion, and stealth guitar riffing from Metheny. A really excellent song, it makes one wish for a whole Bowie/Metheny collaborative album! Alas!

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