Monday, January 4, 2016

Joe McPhee - The Willisau Concert (1976)

Here I am thinking about Joe McPhee, one of my favorite jazz composers and performers. I am especially interested in his mid-70's work with John Snyder on synthesizer, and so there was an October 11th, 1975 concert at a jazz festival in Willisau, Sweden, with Joe McPhee (tenor & soprano saxophone), John Snyder (vox/synth) and Makaya Ntshoko (drums) which was recorded for posterity and came out on the HatHut label. This is less overtly spacy/psychedelic and more fully-grounded & wildly animated than other McPhee/Snyder collaborations, definitely because Makaya Ntshoko is bringing it hardcore and the whole thing just totally rips and shakes and vibrates. Under the right set of astral influences and aligned headspace, you could unlock some serious gateways with this thing!

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