Saturday, January 2, 2016

Abbath - 'Count The Dead' / 'Riding On The Wind' (2015, single)

So, Abbath's new solo album, Abbath, comes out this month, and as a preview, here is 'Count The Dead', the first single, and its b-side, 'Riding On The Wind', a Judas Priest song!!! 'Count The Dead' is Super-Metal, like stampeding with the infernal hordes in your living room, shouting and thrashing, Super-Metal. This stuff isn't even Black Metal or Thrash Metal or whatever in any kind of strict sense. it is Metal-Metal, and it feels really good. The selection of 'Riding On The Wind' as a b-side only enhances this sense of Abbath going all-in on the Classic Metal vibes. If 'Count The Dead' had been released at the same time as Judas Priest's OG 'Riding On The Wind', 1982, it wouldn't have seemed THAT out of place on the rougher outskirts of the NWOBHM, or amidst the nascent Black Metal of Hellhammer, Venom, et al. All of this makes me pretty excited for Abbath's album, which I didn't really have much of an orientation to before, so, good job first single!!! 'Count The Dead'!!!!

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