Saturday, December 19, 2015

AC/DC - 'Mistress For Christmas' from The Razor's Edge (1990)

This song seems to be about AC/DC's unrequited crush on Mrs. Claus, which makes sense, given their stated proclivities. Q: Is this the best song on The Razor's Edge? A: No, Absolutely Not. It seems mostly to exist because AC/DC realised that 'mistress' and 'Christmas' sound kind of similar and that they can be repeated many, many times. It is, however, the only one on The Razor's Edge manifestly about XMZZ. Q: Is this the dumbest song AC/DC has ever recorded? A: No, Absolutely Not. In fact, it is probably not even the dumbest song on The Razor's Edge. Q: Does it rock? A: Absolutely. It is an AC/DC song. About XMZZ. Of course it rocks! And To All A Good Afternoon! (Eastern Time Zone, USA)

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