Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pissed Jeans - 'Bathroom Laughter' from Honeys (2013)

Pissed Jeans have long been one of my favorite contemporary post-hardcore bands because their entire body of work sounds like being up in the middle of the night scarfing pints of ice-cream and endlessly watching QVC/HSN when you know better and should be going to sleep, even to the point when your pets are telling you to go to bed because they are tired of hanging out with you with the TV on and you are going to hate yourself tomorrow for useless time/energy expenditure and sleep deprivation, so my favorite video by Pissed Jeans is 'Bathroom Laughter' because it really nails the daily-life-as-endless-catastrophe which is at the core of what they are about, given even greater resonance when extended to great swaths of an entire life spent this way, to the profound annoyance of pets who don't deserve this sort of thing. The making of post-AmRep/Touch&Go Noise Rock ugliness and deviance into a kind of seething-but-resigned grumpiness is what makes Pissed Jeans so awesome. Hail Allentown! It is also true that I find this video unaccountably hilarious and will play it when I need a quick pick-me-up and/or deprogramming from too much Cable Shopping Gazing Action. Also this song is about crying in the kitchen as being the bipole to laughing in the bathroom, both of which I can totally relate to.

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