Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kult Ov Devianz - 'Pulsions Antinomiques' from Au Sanctuaire Des Sociopathes Dégénérés (2010)

This is from Kult Ov Devianz's sole? demo cassette from 2010, Au Sanctuaire Des Sociopathes Dégénérés, and I have to say, that although I have heard a lot of savage and off-the-chain French Black Metal, this release is one of the ones that really goes for it. I would NEVER probably have heard this were it not for Wm. Berger's My Castle Of Quiet show on, so all hails and praises to him for this one! I cannot stop listening to this, and its not even the best song on this cassette, but it is the only one I could find on YouTube! Shredding and shrieking and banging! It is all good!

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