Friday, December 18, 2015

Ihsahn - 'Mass Darkness' from Arktis (2016)

It is like new-music Friday or something around here! Brand-new Ihsahn track from his new album Arktis, which is apparently going to come out in March 2016. Matt Heafy from Trivium is on this song I think. This is total freezing rock with gnar-solos and synth-stabs. It is amazing. SURRENDER TO THE DARKNESS TO SHINE JUST LIKE A STAR!!!!! This is inspirational, aspirational music for the ascent to the Winter Solstice for sure. This is an Ihsahn track for aerobics or spinning classes or whatever people that like to exercise with others wearing leg warmers do when they are all together. This should (will?) be a Top 40 Radio Song. Is there even Top 40 Radio anymore? I have no idea. My idea of a good time is imagining hanging out in an ice cave with Ihsahn eating icicles which we hallucinate taste like crystallized sugar because we are dying of hunger stranded in an ice cave after not discovering the South Pole. Wait. That probably isn't a good time, but this song makes it sound like it might be! COMPLETE THE SHADOW'S CIRCLE TO BECOME ALL THAT YOU ARE!!!! Glory to The Shadow!!!!

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