Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nux Vomica & Rotting Sky

Hey! I feel like garbage today because I am sick and everyone in my house except for the petite rodentia have been sick for what seems like forever. I finally succumbed to the dread virus and my lungs are burning and I can't sleep even though I want to and gunk keeps coming out my lungs and nose and eyes. Therefore, I want to listen to something that understands how crummy I feel. So I am listening to Nux Vomica's self-titled album from 2014. They play an epic blackened U.S. crust-swedeath kinda stuffs. It is not pre-apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic but now-apocalyptic. I highly recommend reading along to their lyrics whilst listening even though their vox are audible and legible because it adds a dimension of desperation and unhappiness at a world already dead which just hasn't realized it fully. Tim Messing, the vocalist/guitarist from Nux Vomica, also has a harsh-ambient power-electronics-suffused black metal band called Rotting Sky which make Nux Vomica seem like some tv sitcom show-theme the kids would play on Disney XD. Lyrically, they seem more personally messed-up than civilization-wise, like small-scale apocalypse bad news but ratchet up the sorrowful abjection factor by a whole bunch. There are also keyboards, organic and otherwise. I like my black metal with keyboards if at all possible, thank you, especially if I am sick. There is a drum machine which makes the overall vibe that much harsher and not-welcoming. Rotting Sky - Ghost (2013) is more extended-drone-plod while being quite beautiful Rotting Sky - Sedation (2014) is more power-electron in scope and process, feedbacking raging guh Both Rotting Sky albums are eminently worth your time and are pretty in their manners. I am, however, more actively somewhat frightened by Rotting Sky than by Nux Vomica's output, which seems comforting by comparison. In particular, the themes of twilight sleep, restraints, being buried alive, organ removal, etc as unnecessary medical or worse procedures at the hands of those who do not mean you well in Sedation are personally reminiscent of dental and other operations under twilight anesthesia which can be nightmarish and brutal so if these things are scary/icky to you, be forewarned! It is all good, though!!!

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