Monday, December 21, 2015

Celtic Frost - 'A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh' from Monotheist (2006)

Winter Solstice Darkness 2015 Super Heavy Downer Programming continues with what is , in my opinion, the heaviest song/video combination ever made. I got to see the mighty Celtic Frost sadly not on their headlining tour but opening for Type O Negative in what is both one of the greatest days and biggest regrets of my life. I watched CF in a complete ecstatic trance state and then was so overcome I left before Type O came on, even though I love Type O Negative. Sadly, that would be Pete Steele's last tour before his death, so I never got to see them. Remember! Always stay for the headliners barring emergency!!! Learn from my negative example. The heaviest album by the greatest metal band ever.

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