Friday, December 25, 2015

Rotting Christ - Χ Ξ Σ (666) from Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού (2013)

For when the full weight of the choirs and the freaking out and the pummeling all comes together and this dude is having some kind of nervous breakdown in his library. I have been there. This is generally the sort of thing your physical body survives! Rotting Christ has been awesome for decades and decades. Greek Black Metal was right there with the Norwegians in the temporal forge of the Second Wave!!! All Hail!!!!


  1. Great song man! And Merry Xmas! (It's Daniel Rodriguez from letterboxd)

    1. Hail Daniel! Welcome to the blog! MRRY XMZZ! to you too! I am glad to see you here! Rotting Christ is super awesome! right on!!! nxww

    2. Yeah, it took me a long time to show up because I forgot to check if you had answered me on letterxbod. Your blog is pretty cool. I am more of a heavy-power kinda of person (Iron Maiden is my favorite band, all time), so I don't know much about anything black-death-whatever metal. I guess I just prefer clearer music. Sometimes it feels good to listen to heavier-darker stuff. Usually I listen to thrash when I feel like breaking stuff. The darker I go is behemoth, I love their album The Satanist.

    3. Daniel - I LOVE Behemoth! I got to see them live with Krisiun & Morbid Angel a long time ago, but sadly missed them on the Satanist tour. I don't really go to shows anymore which is too bad, but kinda unavoidable! Recently as you may notice, I have been listening to a lot of NWOBHM-era stuff, which I didn't always get around to the first few times! I love Iron Maiden (who I got to see once in 2009 or 2010), but if I had to declare allegiance, it would be to Judas Priest (as far as that era of UKHM goes!!!)!!!

    4. Dude, Judas Priest is THE SHIT! I went to their alleged final tour in 2011, one of the best concerts I've been too. Judas Priest and White Snake. Nowadays I don't go to show often either. I worked in the underground music scenario for a year and a half here in my city (roadie and production) and I got tired of it. Also, I don't have the same disposition anymore to stand for hours in a row (bad knee and stuff). In the last two years I've attended to a Kansas show (got free passes), which was great and to a Megadeth + Black Sabbath concert, the bands where awesome, as expected, but it kinda sucked because I got there late and stayd far away from the stage. Also, it was too crowded.

      Man, aren't you on Facebook?

    5. Hail Daniel! I am so glad you got to see Judas Priest in 2011!! I saw them in 2009 or something, when they played all of British Steel and that was cool. I love British Steel but it isn't my favorite Judas Priest album (Stained Class or Defenders Of The Faith or maybe Painkiller or Sad Wings). I have too many orthopedic problems and old to stand up in a crowd full of rowdy metalheads. I also am not into the overcrowding, etc. So these days I am a stay-at-home metal person. For years I was in The Pit, probably too many! Being a roadie is hardcore! It is a lot of work! Horns To Thee!!! & No, no Facebook or Twitter or any of that!