Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Patrick Cowley - 'Deep Inside You' from Muscle Up (Dark Entries Compilation 2015)

I love Patrick Cowley and have since I inherited a cd of his mixes when the library I was working at deleted a whole bunch of music titles on cd. I jammed the heck out of it ever since. I am sure it is in a box in the basement along with all of my other cd's which survived various moves. So, I am way, way into the fact that the Dark Entries label has taken the time and energy and love to compile Patrick Cowley's 70's gay porn soundtracks! Unlike his usual HI_NRG Disco Fantasia, this stuff is waaaay spacy psychedelic bliss-out syrup. It is some of the best stuff ever, like ever. It doesn't seem to have been made specifically as a soundtrack, but was stuff Patrick Cowley was working on in college and then sold for use in the films. Were it not for their incorporation into the work of Fox Studios, we may never have gotten to hear this music! What is even more awesome is that Dark Entries, for the song 'Deep Inside You', made a PG-13 edit of the Fox Studio movie 'Muscle Up' which was apparently itself a compilation of other movies, to serve as a kind of visual megamixxx to the music. This is seriously incredible, and gives the work its necessary filmic focus to really really dig it. I am in love with this song/video. Oh!!! Even thought it is PG-13, they make you click on the 'might not be appropriate for some viewers' button FYI. There are a lot of shirtless dudes, some with aviator shades, motorcycle jackets and some bare bottoms,slow-motion near-action, etc. These movies look totally great! I wonder if they are going to re-release a DVD companion? Honestly one of the most entrancing video experiences I have had this year. and here is the 'Muscle Up' Playlist from YouTube to check out!!! It seriously is super-incredible! and here is a Bonus Video of 'Nightcrawler' from Dark Entries first release of some of Cowley's porn soundtrack work for Fox Studios, School Daze (2013): and here is a Bonus Video of 'Mockingbird Dream' also from Dark Entries' School Daze compilation! Because I cannot stop thinking about Patrick Cowley, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite songs from his 1982 LP 'Mind Warp' which was as much queasy nocturnal sci-fi electro as it was hype-synth-disco. The song I have chosen to share is in fact an Invasion Of The Body Snatchers -influenced paranoid opus called 'They Came At Night' and brings back memories of watching the 1978 movie on cable tv at various points in the early 80's. Sadly, 1982 would be the year Patrick Cowley died of complications from AIDS, so we never got to hear more of his incredible music.

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