Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lemmy, Ronnie, Alice, etc - from We Wish You A Metal XMAS - Various Artists (2008)

So in 2008 Bob Kulick among others put together an All-Star Metal XMZZ album by various Classic Metal Folks. It is overall a pretty dope anthology, but my three favorites, not in especial order, are as follows! Lemmy, Billy Gibbons, & Dave Grohl is kind of an inspired trio to take on this song, which I have always liked. Chuck XMZZ! This is less Heaven & Hell XMZZ and more Dio with Iommi on guitar which rules very very hard. I was blessed to see Heaven & Hell and my only regret was not taking my then-contemporary co-worker who loves Dio. A real regret for which I am sorry. This song is amazing!!!! Alice/John 5/Billy Sheehan/Vinny Appice is a sick line-up for Alice to shokk rokk XMZZ to and why not? Alice Forever!!!!

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