Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sleeping Mix For Having Stayed Up All Night And Into The Day

Bowery Electric were a band which completely typified 90's rock-into-electronix transitioning, meeting at Interview Magazine, starting out as a somewhat glum shoegaze-inspired outfit, and then making trip-hop-inspired beat-driven stuff, but all of it was quality and never simply background music to sell cars or make hotel lobbies seem nicer. I have had this album in some capacity since it came out. - As I was falling asleep, I put on the Cable Nu Age Jamz station and amidst whatever else they were grooving on, they churned up this Vangelis deep cut from 1996, which seems to be from an album obsessed with aquatica and suspension, being called 'Oceanic' and all. I don't know how the other tunes on this album play out, but this stood out immediately and even as I was falling asleep I was like aah! Vangelis!!! - Probably the most interesting and new-to-me track I heard on the Nu Age Cable Station was this one by Coemgin Cuil, whose album Murmurations was inspired by starling patterns and who apparently takes classical pieces and then digitally smears them until hazy and dreamy. I could be wrong! There is not a lot of immediate info on this work, but gosh is it beautiful. I heard this as I woke up just now. This is really stunning!!! Bonus Coemgin Cuil! Official Video for 'Pas de Deux' Robert Rich mastered this apparently and it is definitely in line with that sort of near-isolationist ambient stuff. Really quite beautiful!

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