Tuesday, December 29, 2015

SubRosa - 'Stonecarver' from No Help For The Mighty Ones (2011)

I was lucky to see SubRosa in 2014, touring their 2013 album, More Constant Than The Gods, which is totally amazing. Seeing SubRosa was an ecstatic experience for me, and for at least some other audience members too! SubRosa's aim as musicians is to have no part of this kingdom, but to call down forces and commune with and among them. This is palpable in their work. I felt like playing 'Stonecarver' because I keep thinking about the mountain in Southern Kalifornia, siphoned and bleeding and it pulls at something in me, something this song sort of addresses. SubRosa are an incredible band, incorporating elements of psych, doom, folk, and various metals in a way which sounds heretofore unheard and unique to them and their immediate directives. If you like 'Stonecarver' check out the rest of their albums! My favorite song off of No Help For The Mighty Ones is 'Beneath The Crown', but I was really feeling this one today.

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