Monday, December 14, 2015

Witchfynde - Give Em Hell (1980)

The dazed expression, the vague genial smile, the fully red eyes. This baphomet is stoned, like totally high, not even processing what you are saying but sort of agreeing because everything seems agreeable and out-of-sight OK. This is the cover of Witchfynde's debut album and this is what Witchfynde's debut album completely sounds like: being in the backseat of the car, watching the light descend like honey upon the trees as the afternoon lengthens and all is golden. Satan Is Upon Their Throne And All Is What Shall Be And It Is Rad. Witchfynde is not at all heavy nor especially ominous or necro or anything. Witchfynde are also not really like 'party metal', not up for the raging kegger, more likely to bliss out by the stereo speakers or in front of the glowing fire or under the radiating sun. This album sounds like it could have been recorded at any point in the 1970's, raw and warm and intimate. Guitar lines are intricate and generous, always giving more and also twining around themselves, unfolding organically out from. Witchfynde have two modalities: unhurried, right-on rock and kinda psychedelic, kinda pastoral but shadowy slow jams. Sometimes they get lost in the reverb and the glory, and just space right out, losing the thread. Other times it is like 'hey that looks like a good time!' or 'that girl seems pretty' but never super motivated because the right now is awesome. I love this album.

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