Friday, December 25, 2015

Stuart Gordon - Dolls (1987)

I wouldn't have necessarily thought so, but that is because I am not very observant, but Stuart Gordon's Dolls is a perfect Late-XMZZ-Eve/Early-XMZZ-Morn movie for a dark and stormy night. Although in 1987/1988 I could totally watch Aliens, The Fly, Evil Dead II, and Re-Animator, my childhood fear was of being stabbed to death in the middle of the night by animate dolls and even though I was not one of the worst parents on earth nor a new-wave highway robber, I would have been too freaked out even at 13 or 14 to actually watch this movie, so I saw it much later, after many other awesome Stuart Gordon movie experiences. Dolls is a movie I really love and is wonderfully atmospheric and full of cinematic gingerbread and knick-knacks. What is also good about Dolls is that if you happen to watch it like I have on Basic Cable, it is not going to be cut by much as it is not an especially gory or otherwise explict film to start with, at least not by Stuart Gordon's usual standards. This movie is a good time and a good XMZZ film for sure! My favorite sequence happens early on, and does not contain any spoilers and readily survives dubbing into Italian Here is an alternate UK VHS trailer for Dolls (as the original is overfull of spoilers), but go ahead and watch the whole movie if you haven't or haven't for a long time unless like 12-year-old me, it would give you incessant nightfrights for years!

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