Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bell Witch - 'Suffocation, A Burial: I - Awoken (Breathing Teeth)' from Four Phantoms (2015)

Bell Witch's Longing (2012) is one of my favorite doom albums of recent memory. I listen to it over and over again, overcome with emotion. So when I put on Four Phantoms (2015) I thought it would be a lot like the last one by them, and it kind of is, except the thought that I cannot shake is that the first song on their album, 'Suffocation, A Burial: I - Awoken (Breathing Teeth)', is what it would sound like if the Ghost of Cliff Burton were to cover And Justice For All as a single, compacted, 'Anesthesia'-like bass epic. Even the song title seems to suggest this? I imagine him floating in the aether above the masters playing his astral bass, shredding into the cosmic void. And this would make sense that they would make an album with no audible bass, so that Cliff could play along to it from Valhalla? Maybe I am just insane. Anyway, this song is heavier and crunchier and more 'mid-range' than anything on Longing, which is strongly urge you to also listen to posthaste. Here is 'Suffocation, A Burial: I - Awoken (Breathing Teeth)' (the 'Earth' of their 4-Element Suite), followed by the rest of this excellent album

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