Thursday, December 17, 2015

Marduk - 'Those Of The Unlight' from Those Of The Unlight (1993)

Marduk's 'Those Of The Unlight' is one of my favorite Marduk albums. I like the one before it a lot also, 'Dark Endless' (1992) which has a crazy blackened doom/death vibe to it and I almost wrote about that one this evening, but then because I am on a Marduk kick I put this one on right afterward and was like YESSS THIS IS THE ONE PRECIOUSSSSS, etc. Marduk bring along their interest in befogged, misty mountain doom to Those Of The Unlight, flecked with hypnotic, psychedelic guitar solos and mighty chord-slabs which reverberate and shear. There is an openness to this sound, which allows the bass to have unique flourishes and for drum tones to be heard singularly at moments, not just caught up in storming blastbeats. Although Marduk ditched death-metal structure they held onto the groove, which allows for really exciting up/down shifting tempo patterns. This is musick for the frightening and lonely procession of Nazgul across the blasted plains and heath, riding upon their steeds at various paces! 'Those Of The Unlight' resolves after an opening salvo into a groovy riff, bass isolate, then full-on black metal which keeps ramping up and up, the terrain constantly shifting but always interlocking logically. Gosh I love this song. Then you get a drum buildup and near-doom crawl and a spacy keys-over-tremolo-riff spot until full-on finale. Bonus Marduk - 'On Darkened Wings' This song makes me want to raise my claws to the skies and howl. It also has one of my favorite guitar solos on the album.

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