Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Venom - 'Black Xmas' from Calm Before The Storm (1987)

For years and years I had cassettes in the Toyota Corolla of Venom's Possessed and Calm Before The Storm and those albums rock. They don't rock maybe as much as the first three Venom albums, but what rocks like that in the world anyway? That is no reason to not headbang in traffic to them. Self-injury due to headbanging in a car whether in motion or not is a reason to not. So anyway, I always think of 'Black Xmas' by Venom as it is my favorite XMZZ metal song, and apparently has nothing to do with the classic Bob Clark slasher flick, but has darker, more occult overtones? Like the birth of the Satanic Messiah? I could be wrong. Anyway, this song is amazing. Just don't hurt yourself!!! Mearry XMZZ!!! Black Xmas! Devil's Eve!!!

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