Friday, December 11, 2015

Crippled Black Phoenix - 'Burnt Reynolds' from The Resurrectionists (2009)

For whatever reason I feel like Crippled Black Phoenix are my Bryan Adams but that doesn't really make any sense. This dude Justin Greaves from Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard and the Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine makes music as Crippled Black Phoenix which he describes as 'end times ballads' which is as good a description as any. It is doom but not exactly doom metal if that is meaningful. What it really sounds like to me is the music that the people who fight wars in Bolt Thrower songs listen to when they go to the tavern afterwards and ponder the bloodshed and loss and collapse of civilizations deep into the dawning of the following days. Anyway, hooray for Crippled Black Phoenix, may they barely or not quite emerge from the fire for always.

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