Thursday, December 24, 2015

Oneohtrix Point Never - 'Sticky Drama' (Complete) from Garden Of Delete (2015)

Ok, so there is some serious sci-fi mythological heft to 'Sticky Drama', the first action-oriented video from Garden of Delete and is kind of like if The NeverEnding Story were given a live-rewrite by tween slackers obsessed with Fangoria, biomorphic Tamagotchi-driven AI's, LARP-warfare, the Plague, drone surveillance-enhanced battlefield tactics, nickelodeon slime and if that Oregano-in-a-baggie you were sold when you thought you were buying weed actually possessed visionary psychogenic properties. It has a dramatic Prologue almost as long as its 'Official' Length. All of this storytelling fits into the even-larger mythology of Garden Of Delete which is about the fantasy life of a kid obsessed with the music of Kaoss Edge, a metafictional 90's band cited as an influence on Garden Of Delete. All of this is insanely rad. Plus n-whatever!!! Here is the website for Kaoss Edge if you need more, which, you do! KaossEdgeOfficial!!!! And here are the first two 'singles' uploaded by OPN from Garden Of Delete. They both rule, albeit differently. 'I Bite Through It' is so thoroughly my jamz.

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