Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Syl Disjonk - 'Ethereal Chrysalis' (2011 - 2014?)

WARNING!!!!! DO NOT READ FURTHER UNLESS YOU HAVE WATCHED THE ABOVE VIDEO!!! [[MAJOR SPOILERS!!!]] So, my good friend and dearest Maistre M Kitchell sends me a link to this video and tells me he is obsessed with it, which tells me that it is going to be some heavy stuff. And heavy it is! Syl Disjonk's 'Ethereal Chrysalis' not only has the TITLE of a Metal Album it is functionally a whole bunch of Extremely Extreme Metal Album Covers from the 00's strung together into a narrative film whose moral seems to be: if you have serious mental health issues, like some psychic vampire is fracking your dreams from your skull when you are in the asylum, what you should do is tear off your astral head and have it fly into direct conflict with the Great Turtle-Louse of the Nebulae in order to become a hybrid human-turtle-louse with pyrokinesis, thereby being able to assassinate your body and live forever in metal album covers! That sounds like good? advice! So word to M Kitchell for turning me onto this! And YES!!! It turns out that Syl Disjonk DID do not just any metal video, but a VOIVOID metal video!!!! 'Kluskap O'Kom', from Target Earth (2013), is about the domination and extermination of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada at the hands of White Invaders Voivod are pretty much my favorite metal band ever, more or less (along with Celtic Frost and Slayer), so this is exciting news! Syl Disjonk has also done a tribute video for Voivod, celebrating Denis (Piggy) D'Amour for induction into the Quebec Metal Hall of Fame, which you can watch here: Here is Syl Disjonk's general website! It is rad! Praise And Thanks Be To Mike!!!

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