Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Unnecessary Poem-Captions For Classic Black Metal Albums: Satyricon - 'Dark Medieval Times' (1993)

the gated keep is frosty atop the mountain crevasse which it overlooks. the gated keep looks like a proto-brutalist wedding cake. it has battlements and teeth. there are a lot of trees without leaves. there is a path and a bluff. the gated keep has a greeter and is greeting you, axe raised aloft and cloak rippling in agreement. the horse upon which the greeter sits is also waving hello but in order to do this is rearing up which is how horses greet weary travelers. there is someone lost in the drift amidst the leaveless trees in the buildup of snows. by this point they are skeletonized and never gaining entrance nor exit from the overcast fastness of the gated keep but is still waving back to the greeter. possibly forever or until buried under by the drifting masses of snow.
the greeter upon the bluff where the gated keep sits could be seen as raising the axe in hello or goodbye as in gestural language these actions look the same.

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