Thursday, December 24, 2015

Pantera - 'I'm Broken' from Far Beyond Driven (1994)

Because I use the internet and watch the cable television, primarily The Weather Channel when they actually talk about the weather, I am aware that this Pantera song is used in a commercial which I am not going to reference by name because I will be darned to heck if I am going to give them any direct promotion. I do hope that everyone associated with Pantera got some XMZZ $$$ from this and certainly do not begrudge them. Far Beyond Driven is my favorite Pantera album and this song rules, so hearing part of it over and over on TV made me want to hear the whole song, so here it is. I do wonder if overwhelming brokenness and poisonedness and being overcome by environmental causes is what the commercial agents wanted to suggest would occur via exposure to their products??? Here as a special bonus track, is an awesome song-theme-appropriate fan-made video for Pantera's cover of Sabbath's 'Electric Funeral' which appeared on Nativity In Black II (2000). As someone on the internet pointed out, Pantera does the best Sabbath covers and they are certainly among the highest echelon thereof. Bonus Bonus Pantera Sabbath Cover - 'Hole In The Sky' (2000. I admit I picked this video because of Phil's St. Vitus shirt. Bonus Bonus Bonus Pantera Videos: 'I Am The Night' from I Am The Night (1985) Bonus Bonus Bonus Pantera Video: 'Valhalla' from I Am The Night (1985) People sometimes like to diss or even ignore pre-Anselmo or even pre-Cowboys Pantera and this really isn't cool. Terry Glaze was an excellent vokillist for Pantera as these tracks from their best album of that period I Am The Night demonstrate! These songs are readily the equal of any U.S. Power Metal act of the 1980's and are totally awesome. The song from I Am The Night which was selected for a promotional video, 'Hot and Heavy', is NOT as good as these above songs, and has some truly unfortunate/offensive lyrics but WOULD make for a better TV commercial song (for obvious reasons) than 'I'm Broken' which I still find somewhat puzzling. But I don't like 'Hot and Heavy', so if you want to look it up, you can imagine your own commercial with that instead and feel all gross inside, like me! Of course, I am really sick still, so that may have something to do with it! Also, Pantera's next album was actually named 'Power Metal' (1988) and was Phil Anselmo's first album with them, and he totally rocks a Rob Halford-inspired terror-shriek which is completely awesome. I LOVE this era of Pantera!!!!! When they say they are going to rock the world, they mean it, like really mean it. See for yourself!

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