Sunday, December 13, 2015

Emperor - 'Empty' from Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire and Demise (2001)

So I love Emperor beyond reason and this video is like if Ernie Gehr and Michael Snow filmed a circa turn-of-the-XXIst-Century Outback Steakhouse commercial about a failing healthcare system and also some spooky woods out back of the Outback Steak House and/or hospital where employees would go and smoke out and Hail Satan and whatnot. Emperor also pull off being equally super-cute and super-majestic which is fully awesome. This song is also like if Satan, once hailed, decided to foreward-unmask the musicks but then make the hidden 'occult' messaging like straight up manifest content, but played foreward, still sounded like someone was playing the record forward and backward simultaneously to figure out the full messaging systems of The Dark Lord. Beyond incredible. Did I mention how much I love Emperor? I really really really love Emperor.


  1. All hail Ihsahn! He's pretty much the greatest black metal musician of all time.

  2. I so very much adore the Ihsahn!!! All Hail!!!!! His new song!!! is so amazing. Emperor is the best.