Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Unnecessary Poem-Captions For Classic Black Metal Albums: Samael - 'Worship Him' (1989)

the horned serpent totally wore the pentagram medallion like it was a badge of office or completely heavy which it was in both instances as it breathed spectral fire out atop its pile of skulls generously donated we think, some ablaze with eyes in sockets still maybe forever.

the chalice was readily unavailable at this time as lain in coils. how was retrieval possible? or even desireable? it seemed a terrible idea, encrusted-like, as stained the afternoon and into evening with a terrible perseverance, provoking disharmonia within the otherwise tranquil party's endeavours. the comfort which was held forth and proffered at last in the expiration of night was visibly shook upon all forms if and when it ever.

coils suggest colloquy
coils suggest collation

a clawed part, like plates stacked for catering, not catering, in fact.

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