Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Julie Christmas - 'Bow' from The Bad Wife (2010)

Julie Christmas is a straight iconic figure of my 00's. Her old band Made Out Of Babies was one of my most played in that decade and they ruled so very hard. Battle Of Mice were also amazing and I dug them just as much. Anything Julie Christmas wants to perform, I am there for. In 2010, she put out a solo album 'The Bad Wife' which sways between damaged torch songs and full-on howlers. What looks like the only video made for it, 'Bow' is in the latter category. The video itself looks like if Walerian Borowczyk directed 'Where The Wild Things Are' starring a fae Riding Hood and pretty much kept it PG. Nonetheless, hair stands on end. All Hail Julie Christmas!!!!

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