Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sam Gopal - Escalator (1969)

So today when I was listening to this Sam Gopal album, which was one of those albums I had always heard here or there or in passing, but sadly, was moved to listen to, fully and presently, in the wake of Lemmy's death, I became, like, REALLY EMOTIONAL. This was Lemmy's first album gig, prior to Hawkwind, but not only does it NOT sound like Hawkwind (or Motorhead, for that matter), it is radically and fully its own beast, death-charged and apocalyptically burning in a landscape carved into or FROM Hell itself wherein the skies themselves have been replaced with the last cannabis-choked exhalations of the flower-children who simply cannot survive such heaviness. Sam Gopal founded this band, and he plays tabla, so the vibe of this process is real sinuous and entranced. This is musick for being in love with the end, of being high on death, of the rush and massive psychick sinkhole received from concentrating and then intentionally snorting crypt dust. This is beyond highly recommended. This is one of the best psych LP's I have ever heard. Thoroughly without mercy in the best possible way. By the way: Lemmy sings & plays gtr.!!!!

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