Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Laughing Hyenas - Live DCTV 1990 (at the 9:30 Club)

Thanks to chunkletguy for uploading all this live Laughing Hyenas stuff. They are good for what ails me, at least, but I am sure, far, far more beings than just the solitary I. In High School and early College I played at excruciating volume Laughing Hyenas albums whilst jumping around and thrashing and lurching and crawling and whatnot in my dorm room. This is a super-solid 10 minutes of blare and jam. Larissa S., one of the baddest noise-punk guitarists to ever play. For those listeners, or me, who feel that 10 minutes of Laughing Hyenas live action is simply not enough (and how could it be?) here is a full hour-long 1992 set in Hoboken, also via chunkletguy: This is better-fi than the DC clip, but something about that earlier performance calls up something in me. Not that this doesn't! This rules so very hard!!! Laughing Hyenas forever!!! PS - when I was a teenager in my bedroom listening to Laughing Hyenas records I thought to myself "How does John Brannon sing like that?" Watching this live footage actually not only does not answer my question but complicates it, because he does it over and over again for an extended period of time. Even after listening to 25 years of black/death/extended-technique growling, screeching, howling, shouting, etc., Brannon's vokills remain some of the harshest and most overwhelming in musicks.

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